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About Us

DesiTaste was founded in 1999 by Shalini Chibber. Tired of the few choices of paneer in the San Francisco Bay Area, Shalini used to bring paneer back after her visits to New Delhi.


After teaming up with Punjab Milk Foods in Surrey, BC, which was founded in 1997, DesiTaste began providing Bay Area consumers with a high-quality, fresh paneer. Punjab Milk Foods expanded their line of products to include ghee, khoa, rasmalai, gulabjamun and other desserts as well as appetizers.


In 2005, DesiTaste teamed up with Circle Food Products in San Diego, CA to develop Rotiland Roti~Chapati, an uncooked roti that is made fresh at home on the tava (griddle). Circle Food Products also released Rotiland Fulka Roti, which is a smaller version of the Roti~Chapati.


In 2010, DesiTaste worked with Franco Whole Foods in San Diego, CA, to develop Roti Fresh Roti Chapati, and, in 2011, helped develop Phulka Fresh. The product line has grown to include Roti Original and Tava Fresh. 

DesiTaste is committed to bringing food the way it tasted back home to Northern California - that is our promise!

The DesiTaste Team

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